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We teach what NO ONE is teaching about this Empire. In our Private Facebook Group we go deep, covering unique topics in depth each day for 5 days straight. 30 Minute FB Lives!

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Social Structures 

We'll explore HOW the empire saw people & occupations in their world and the Epic

Unpacking the Epic

We dig into the Sunjata Epic, which tells of Mali's Imperial founding, like no one has

Key People in Mali

We examine the roles of important people in the founding of the Empire


Presented by Dr. John Aden PhD

WInner of the Prestigious Fulbright Dissertation Field Research Fellowship, Dr. Aden is an expert on the Mali Empire and the Mandé Diaspora of West Africa. 

In this Challenge, Dr. Aden teaches 5 days of UNIQUE Facebook Lives on the Richness of the mali Empire, which produced the world's wealthiest person: Mansa Musa I.

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