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Dr. Aden answers the primary questions Black students have about surviving college

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He does deep dives on scenarios that so many Black students face in college, and crafts strategies for you to protect yourself, your options, and your future. 

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It Isn't an Accident that

so many Black college students face unique challenges navigating to success in your college journeys. 

But the Supreme Court...

is set to change Affirmative Action, limiting Black students' chances at admission. And there are too many situations where majority faculty have so much power to change the destinies of Black students in negative ways. 

Now, More Than Ever, You Want to Know

how to choose a Major, what to do if you pull a bad advisor, what to do if you end up in a plagiarism case on campus -- and SO MUCH MORE! 

We are the ONLY line of defense out here dropping knowledge on how to thrive in the hidden corridors of power that have historically worked to deny Black students your full time in the college sun. 

Topics We Cover in our Community Include:

Presented by Dr. John Aden PhD

Winner of the Prestigious Fulbright Dissertation Field Research Fellowship, Dr. Aden is an expert on Thriving in College While Black. 

Join him as he breaks down the Secret Codes for College Excellence!

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